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Make A Booster Cayenne Shot

By :Maryke Burger 0 comments
Make A Booster Cayenne Shot

My daily drug is a shot of liquid sunshine, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, pineapple and apple. Nothing beats viruses like this one.

I like my cayenne booster strong and spicy, but you can ad more or less according to your tastes and likes.
What you need:


50 g lemon juice
100 g fresh ginger
X 3 apples
X 1 large pineapple
X 1 tsp cayenne pepper
X 2 tsp raw honey


Core and deseed the appels, peel the lemon and deseed. Remove the pineapple skin and cut in smaller pieces to fit your juicer.
Wash any dirt from the fresh ginger root and cut into smaller chunks.
Now it’s time for the juicer to do the rest of the job. Don’t ad all the pieces at once, my juicer works better if I slowly ad the pieces and juice. 
All the juice collects in a glass beaker, ad the tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 2 table spoons of raw runny honey, shake and serve cold.
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