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A good bake by Melissa Weller

By :Maryke Burger 0 comments
A good bake by Melissa Weller

When I did my first baking course in Brooklyn New York in 2014, at The Brooklyn Kitchen. (Their strapline is “Learn to cook like a grown up”) I had a total girl crush on Melissa Weller  who was my tutor. She was so good at teaching a room of amateurs the art of sourdough baking and simplifying a rather complicated process - and that’s why I can’t wait to get my hands on her first book coming out in November 2020.

A little bit more about The Brooklyn Kitchen, they do the coolest workshops for people who love to learn a new cooking skill, they have “How to make the best Burger” workshops and courses like Bao workshops and Improve your knife skills.

 So whenever you’re visiting that side of the world please book yourself a class or buy someone a gift card, they also have awesome merch. – They started online classes to help with the covid situation – Bonus!

Melissa is part owner at Sadelle’s and have earned the title of best bagel baker in New York City. 

Some amazing recipes from her site; 

- Sourdough Onion Rings

-       Pistachio Financiers

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