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Maryke Burger

Meat the Mother

Hello, I'm Maryke, I live in leafy Johannesburg with my husband Steph and two little boys Ben and Wolfe.

I come from a small and humble mining town in the Freestate called Welkom. After 18 long flourishing years in Welkom, I was finally ready to take on the world. My parents sent me off to Stellenbosch University to get educated. SU quickly turned me into an adult and I started working for Media 24 (the biggest media company in South Africa) as a graphic artist and developer. After gaining much needed work experience I travelled to the UK where I discovered my true love for food. I realised that I can express my creativity ultimately through food by using all my senses.

After 3 years of working and travelling in Europe, I came back to my roots and conceptualised and beautified brands for another few years. I always knew that creating beautiful food for people around me made me really happy.

It was only after a trip in 2014 with a friend to New York where I did a sourdough baking course with the master baker Melissa Weller, owner of the bagel-centric Sadelle’s in New York City. After this I knew that baking artisanal bread was my real passion.

My creative work landed some unexpected “butchery logo designs” on my desk, and it was because of this that I travelled back to my hometown in the Freestate and experienced some of the best meat produce I had ever tasted. We brought a few hand selected cuts home to braai, and we were hooked.

During Lockdown we realised that there was a real need within our community and neighbourhood for freshly baked sourdough and excellent quality meat (we often traded a loaf for a good bottle of wine!) and this is how Meat the Mother was born.

We know how busy you are and we are here to help you with sourcing the real stuff. There's nothing more satisfying to us than to bring a beautifully curated box to your kitchen. The butchery supplies farm to fork meat cuts and our bakery produces freshly baked whole-grain, unbleached sourdough loaves. We do all the hard work to source the best possible, ethically raised produce from local farmers in and around the Freestate and Gauteng.

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